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John Sutton (b. before 1711)


Association between the Samuel Poe family and this John Sutton in the historical record for Colonial Virginia indicates a close relationship. What the relationship was cannot be determined. It is possible that one of the wives of a Sutton was among the Poe family, perhaps a daughter of Samuel Poe. However, no document explicitly states a relationship.


John Sutton (b. before 1711) was the son of John Sutton of Essex County who died in 1731. He also named a son John. The suffix Senior and Junior are both attached to John Sutton (b. before 1711) in the historical record.


Follows is a sampling of records showing a connection between the Sutton and Poe families.


Caroline County, Virginia


1) John Sutton (born before 1711) and William Poe (associated with Samuel Poe of Essex County) serve together on a jury, showing an association with the Poe family as early as 1736, when William Poe was at least 30 years old.


[13 Nov. 1736]

Action on the case. Joseph Bickley jr. agt. William Martin. Jury, Robt. Baber, Roger Madison, William Daniel, Thomas Guy, James Terrill,

John Sutton, William Poe, Benja. Grubs, Timothy Ellis, James Herndon, James Desmukes and Benja. Rennolds, find for the plaintiff. Pounds 5.14.11 3 farthings damage. Benja. Rennolds foreman. It’s considered the plaintiff recover against the defendant and Timothy Terrill his security Pounds 5.14.11 3 farthings


2) In a suit against John Sutton, the sheriff of Caroline County “causes Sutton to know by Samuel Pow” (and Nicolas Oliver) that he is wanted in court. Samuel Poe (Pow), here, would be a younger Samuel Poe (maybe son of the elder) is close enough to Samuel Poe that the Sheriff charges him to inform Sutton.


Samuel Poe

John Sutton

11 June 1748

Scire facias sued out by James and Robert Berries merchants in Glasgow to renew a judgment agt. John Sutton 9 Aug. 1746 for pounds 8.90.11 - current money and 160 pounds of tobacco also 15 shillings or 150 pounds of tobacco for an attorney's fee and costs. The sheriff made return he caused Sutton to know by Samuel Pow and Nicholas Oliver and the defendant did not come. It's considered judgment be renewed for the debt and costs (italics added).


3) Samuel Poe proves an attachment against the estate of John Sutton. One wonders if this suit was symbolic, given that the award is a single comb (horse brush? Or something else called a “comb” that is of meager value?)


Samuel Poe

John Sutton

11 May 1753

p. 397

Suit on attachment, Samuel Poe agt. the estate of John Sutton*. The plaintiff proving his account, judgment is granted him for pounds 28.18.7. The Sheriff attached one comb. It's ordered he cause the comb to be sold.


4) John Sutton is present for an order summoning to court Stephen Poe (son of Simon Poe, SR) to bring the will of Richard Bradford. Richard Bradford is the father of Hannah Bradford, wife of Stephen Poe, SR, son of Simon Poe, Sr, son of Samuel Poe. This is the strongest evidence that John Sutton was this close to the Poe family.


Stephen Poe

John Sutton


p. 240 [9 Dec. 1756]

It’s ordered Rachel Bradford and Stephen Poe be summoned to next court and to bring the last will of Richard Bradford

Present: John Sutton



Spotsylvania County


5)  John Sutton sells land to Edward S. Straughn. One of the witnesses is Thomas Powe, the son of Mossom Poe (probably the youngest of the sons of Samuel Poe of Essex County).  The Straughn (Strawn or Straughan) family appears in Chatham County, NC along with the Poe family. Richard Straughn married Lucy Poe in NC. She was the daughter of daughter of Simon Poe, Sr., son of Samuel Poe.


Thomas Powe

John Sutton

4 March 1765 (recorded)

Septr. 6, 1774

John Sutton (X) and Elizabeth his wife of St. Geo. Par. Spts. Co. to Edward S. Straughan of same Par and Co. 60 lbs curr 100 a in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., part of a tract purchased by sd. Sutton of Nicho. Copland. Witnesses,  Larkin Chew, Thomas Powe, Reuben Straughan.


Also in Chatham County. Benjamin Watts (either this one of his father, was the parent of Mary Watts, wife of Major James S. Poe, son of Simon Poe, SR).


13 May 1783, Pg. 33A

Hannah Sutton be bound unto Benjamin Watts and his Wife until she arrives to Lawful Age to learn the business of Housewifery she now being fifteen years of age.


6) John Sutton sells land to Benjamin Poe. This is either Benjamin Poe, the son of Samuel Poe, or a grandson of Samuel Poe.


Benjamin Poe

John Sutton


23 September 1771.

John (X) Sutton, Senr., and Elizabeth, his wife, of Orange Co. to Benjamin Poe, of Berkeley Par., Spts. Co. Pounds 12 curr. 164 acres. Jos. Willoughby, Edward Brasfield, Leonard Brasfield. No date of Record.



At least one record for Sutton in Chatham County, North Carolina where to Poe family settled:



Texas DAR GRC report ; s1 v334 : Chatham County ... inventories and settlements of estates / abstracted by Katherine Reynolds ; Samuel Sorrell Chapter


Reynolds, Katherine


Texas DAR, G.R.C.


Samuel Sorrell Chapter, DAR




121 leaves : folded geneal. tables ; 29 cm.


Typescript ; index


Chatham Co., North Carolina - Court records




Page 417 - Inventory and Amount of Sale of Charles Sutton decd.

10 January 1827


Further Notes on Sutton Family


Henrico County formed in 1634 (Henrico County was one of the eight original counties set up in 1634. From it were derived Goochland (1728) and Chesterfield (1749). Goochland was the parent county of Albemarle (1744) and Cumberland (1749). From Albemarle came Amherst (1761) and from Amherst in 1808 came Nelson. Buckingham came from Albemarle in 1761, and from this came Appomattox in 1845. Fluvanna came from Albemarle in 1777, and Powhattan from Cumberland the same year. From Weisiger III 1985.)



Colonial wills of Henrico County, Virginia / abstracted & compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger

Richmond, VA : the Compiler, c1977, 1978


This references implies a Quaker connection to the Sutton family. We again find references to Quakers regarding the Ward and Ligon families)


William Sutton

Martha Sutton



p. 176 Will of Edward Braine of Charles City County to my kinswoman Eliz. Johnson, eldest daughter of Frederick Johnson of London, Marriner, my plantation lately purchased of Margaret Edwards on north side of Jamces River in Charles City County, at day of her marriage. If she die without issue, I give it to her sister Mary Johnson. If she dies, I give it to her sister Sarah Johnson. Also to said Elizabeth, 3 negroes Jack, Tom and Ann; also livestock

Pounds 12 to buy gould rings for: Capt. William Byrd, Capt. William Randolph, Capt. Peter Perry, Capt. John Rudds, my brother James Braine and his wife, my brother Frederick Johnson and his wife, Mr. John Guy, Mrs. Hannah Archer, Mr. William Sutton, and Henry Harman.

To Capt. Daniel Lewellen, Stephen Hudson, and Thomas Hayles, each a gould ring of 10 shillings price

To Mr. Bannester, a ring of 20 shillings price

To Jeremiah Kent, his freedom, to begin 7 years after my death

To Henry Harman, all the best wearing clothes

All the rest to dear and loving wife Sarah Braine, and she to be full executor.

My Good son Edward Crostland to be bound to my wife, to keep him in school til he be fit for Virginia business

My trusty friend Henry Harman to assist my wife

If my wife die without marrying, then my estate to be divided between children of my brother and sister Johnson

Dated August 26, 1691

Wit: William Sutton, Martha Sutton, Anthony Berne

Recorded 1 Sept. 1709

(This will is followed by Quaker marriage certificate of Elizabeth Johnson to James Humphrey 31 Dec. 1706, and after that by a power of attorney from the Humphreys and Johnsons to John Woodson* of Henrico County, to take possession of plantation etc., dated 4 Oct. 1707


* Woodsons can later be found in Prince Edward County and surrounds



Henrico County, Virginia Deed: 1677-1705. Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. Richmond, VA 1896


William Sutton

1 June 1692

p. 314 Sarah Brain appoints Henry Harman her attorney in Virginia 30 May 1692

Wit. Nicho. Haynes , Wm Sutton

Signed: Sar. (SB) Brain

Recorded 1 June 1692



Virginia Northern Neck Grants Volume II 1742-1775


John Sutton

William Sutton

2 April 1720

21Feb 1722/3

A-7: John Sutton of Northumberland Co. heir of Wm. Sutton dec’d, produced survey by John Coppedge 2 Apr. 1720 (made for Wm. Sutton). John Sutton 27 A. in said Co. in Great Wiccocomoco Par. Adj. Mr. Tho’s Berry, Mrs. Eliz’s Nelmes, Sutton’s line called Scotland line. 21 Feb. 1722/3


John Sutton b. prior to 1711, d. Caroline 1785,

son of John Sutton (d. 1731), md. Sarah ______ and had William, John, James, Stephen and Joseph. His will was probated in Caroline in 1785. (Below, in 1771, wife is named Elizabeth).



The Suttons of Caroline County, Virginia

T. Dix Sutton. Richmond Press, Inc. Richmond, VA 1941


p.4 The many Suttons who came to Virginia have made it difficult to accurately trace the ancestry of any of those living today. The writer has endeavored to gather information about the descendants of John Sutton who, in 1711, patented land in what is now known as Caroline County. Where this John Sutton came from or who his ancestors were has not been determined. He was evidently one of the gentry as all records refer to him and his descendants as such.


John Sutton, b. prior to 1688, d. Caroline County 1731 married Jane ________ and had John and William. The earliest record of John Sutton was that he patented 147 acres of land in King William County on December 19, 1711. On April 26, 1713, together with Larkin Chew, Richard Buckner and Joseph Chew, he patented two tracts of 400 acres each in the same county on one of the branches of the Mattaponi River.. From that time until his death in 1731 he either individually or in partnership with others patented approximately 4,500 acres of land. Much of this land was granted him by the crown for the importation of numerous indentured servants. The land was located in Hanover and King William Counties. Caroline was formed in 1728 in part from King William. With the formation of Spotsylvania County John Sutton’s property became divided among four counties with his residence in Caroline.


We do not know the date of his birth, but it must have been prior to 1688 because at the time of his death he had two sons, William and John, who qualified as his executors and must have been at least 21 years of age. The exact date of his death is not known but the Spotsylvania Order Book, page 41, dated may 5, 1731, carries the following entry: “In the action of trespass upon the case between John Sutton, gent. Plt., and William B. Nichesson, def., for 530 pounds of tobacco due by account, the plt. Being dead, ordered that the suit be dismissed.” The executors qualified in Caroline in 1732


John Sutton b. prior to 1711, d. Caroline, son of John Sutton md Sarah _____ and had William, John, James, Stephen and Joseph. He was Church Warden, St. Margaret’s Parish in 1741. His will was probated in Caroline in 1785. He was a Justice in Caroline in 1758, see. Order Book, 1755-58, page 39.


Descendants of John Sutton and his wife, Temperance Lane

Carrie T. Goldsborough and Anna G. Fisher. 1941


NOTE: This John Sutton and wife, Temperance Lane, lived in Albemarle County, Virginia and moved to Scott County, Kentucky.  


pp. 1-2

This couple was married about 1758, but the exact date and place has not been established. Their children were John Jr., born May 25, 1759, Robert, William, Mary, and David born 1776.


Soon after the birth of his first child, John Sutton, Sr. purchased a farm in Louisa County, Virginia.


p. 13-14 Sutton Notes


We cannot state definitely who were the parents of the John Sutton who married Temperance Lane. After carefully considering a great deal of data on the Suttons of the section of Virginia in which he lived it seems to us that John and Elizabeth Sutton of Spotsylvania (and Orange) are most probably the parents of the aforesaid John. We are presenting for the consideration of any who may be interested some notes on this couple. It will be observed that John of Spotsylvania is first mentioned as John Junr. And in later years referred to as John Senr., indicating he wsa the son of a John and the father of a John. There was a John of Essex County who may have been the father of John of Spotsylvania (NOTE: a claim shown by T. Dix Sutton). …. Dates, locations and connecting circumstances seem to substantiate our theory that John, husband of Temperance Lane, was the son of John and Elizabeth of Spotsylvania. We have no will or settlement of the estate of John or Elizabeth.


1727 John Sutton Junr. Witnessed a deed in Spotsylvania Co. VA

1730 John Sutton Junr. Is a witness in Spotsylvania Co. Crozier, Virginia Counties, p. 114

1732 “John Sutton of Spotsylvania” bought 400 A. in Parish of St. Mark, Orange Co. Orange County Deed Book I, p. 336


The following indicates that he moved from Spotsylvania to this land in Orange Co.

1739 “John Sutton of St. Marks Parish Orange co.” leases to John Mansoil “100 A. in county and parish aforesaid and is part of a tract of land whereon said John Sutton now lives.” Orange co. Deed Book 3, p. 328


He returns to Spotsylvania for:

1741 “John Sutton of Spotsylvania” leases to Richard Copeland 120 A. in Orange co. “corner to Robt. Hutcheson, corner John Mansfoil, corner to John Haines line” paying “the rent of one ear of Indian corn on Lady Day next if the same shall be lawfully demanded.” – Orange County Deed Book 5, p.32


Since this lease corners with that of John Mansfoil (see above) it must be part of the tract purchased in 1732.


1742 “John Sutton of Spotsylvania County” buys from Nicholas Copeland 100 A. in St. George’s Parish, Spotsylvania.

--- Crozier, Virginia County Record, p. 158.


He probably resided on this land for later Spotsylvania Records refer to him as “of St. George’s Parish.”


1746 “John and Elizabeth Sutton, his wife, of Spotsylvania County planter” lease 125 A. of land in Orange County to John Huffman …. “corner to John Mansfoil . . . “ This transaction mentions the payment of “one corn at the fest of St Michael the Archangel.”

--- Orange County Deed book 10, p. 325.


1764 (Jan.) “John Sutton and Elizabeth, his wife, of St. George Parish Spotsylvania county” sell 100 A. in St. George Parish. Spotsylvania County” a part of a tract purchased by said Sutton from Nicholas Copeland in 172.

--- Ibid. p. 239


1764 (Nov.) Thos. Kimbrow and Elinor, his wife, of Orange County sell to John Sutton of Spotsylvania, 400 A. in Orange County.

--- Orange County Deed Book 13, p. 485


John and Elizabeth may have moved to this land for,


1771 John Sutton and Elizabeth, his wife of Orange County sell to Benjamin Poe of Spotsylvania County 164 A. of land.

--- Crozier, Virginia County Record, p. 287


A few years later we find John and his wife Elizabeth, in Louisa County.


1776 “John Sutton and his wife, Elizabeth, of Louisa County” sell Edward Lewis of Orange 400 A. in Parish of St. Thomas.

--- Orange County Deed Book 16, p. 395.


Probably the land bought from Thos. Kimbrow in 1764.





See: research on John Sutton  of Middlesex County, who died 1692 in Middlesex County


Middlesex County

Sparacio. Middlesex County Deed Book 2 1688-1694


John Sutton, died 1692


6 May 1678

Upon ye Petition of William Young he is discharged from being Constable and John Sutton is appoyned to succeed him in that place.


2 June 1679

Mr. Thomas Roby is appoyned counstable in ye place of Jno. Sutton. James Merrit, and orphan, is bound as an apprentice to Mr. Chistr. Robinson till he comes of age.


23 November 1687

And they say upon further examination that  the persons under written are thought by this Court capable to serve as Footmen and to finde themselves Armes &c.

List includes John Sutton


2 January 1687/88

Upon the Petition of Francis Wortley, a poor impott: person. who is in a very miserable helpless condition; It is ordered that John Sutton doe receive & entertayne the said Worteley for this yeare and that hee bee considered & paid for the same in this County Leavy.


6 Feb 1687/88

The Suite of Christopher Robinson and Catherine his wife, the Executrix of Major Robert Beverley, against John Sutton is referred to next count


14 May 1688

Order agt. the Sheriff is granted to John Sutton for the non appearance of Thomas Ballard


24 June 1688

William Tignor of Middlesex and Dorothy his wife to Thomas Stiff. John Sutton, present


11 Nov. 1689

Ordered that Mr. Mattews Kemp as High Sheriffe & Collector of this county doe pay to the severall p:sons following ye severall sums to them allowed:

To John Sutton for 2 wolves heads  00400


7 July 1690

pp. 415-417

The Accot: of Christopher Robinson & Catherine his Wife Exerex. of Majr. Robert Beverly late of this County of Middx. Decd as well and of & such & soe much of ye goods & chattels of ye sd: decendents as come to these hands, as for these paymts: & disbursmts: out of ye same as followeth (Vizt)

The sd accompants charge themselves with: all & singular ye goods & chattels of ye sd Deceased specified in an Inventory thereof made & exhibited into ye Registorey of ye sd County Courte amounting to as by ye sd Inventory appeareth to ye sum of 1383.5.3 1/2 Recd. of Richard Baley, ye Exers. of Coll. Pate; Jno. Sutton, of Tho:Thownsend; of Wm. Dudley, of Jos: Gore (and on and on) . . . 40 hhds old Tobacco in ye County ano: 1688. (the document continues through another long list of names) . . .

Errors Excepted July ye 7th 1690 p

Chr: Robinson

Cath: Robinson


2 May 1692

Probate of ye last will and testament of Mr. John Sutton, deced, is grated to his widdow, Elizabeth Sutton, Exrx of ye sd. Testamt.


3 September 1694

pp. 705-708

Account of John Robinson, John Armistead, William Churchill, William Daniell, Edwin Thacker and Paul Thilman Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Christopher Robinson Esqr. Deced as well of and for such and so much of ye goods and chattells of Major Robert Beverley as for ye payments and disbursements out of ye same as followeth:

To ye Inventory & appraismt of ye Estate. To Severall Debts reced by Chr. Robinson and Catherine his Wife as followeth Received of

(long list includes)

John Sutton


In pursuance to an order of Middlesex Court ye third of September 1694 (et cetera)



6 April 1696

This indenture made the Sixth day of Aprill 1696 Between Thomas Williamson of the Parrish of Christ Church in County of Middlesex Planter of the one part and William Blackburne of the parrish of Ware in the County of Gloucester Gentl. Witnesseth that for the sume of Fifty pounds lawfull money of England hath granted to the said William Blackburne all that dwelling house wherein the said Thomas Williamson lately dwelt & whereon one John Dudley now liveth and all the land adjoyning containing Three hundred and fifty acres bounded begining at a marked poplar standing on the North side of the branch which is next unto the said messuage & so runing North East a line of marked trees unto the Mill Road along this Road towards the Mill to land of Francis Dodson soe runing tell it comes to a line of marked trees of John Sutton... etc.


In presence of Sampson  Darell

Thomas (T) Williamson

James Dudley

Thomas Gregson


27 May 1695

Another deed mentions the same line of trees of John Sutton


5 June 1704

Christopher Sutton served on Grand Jury


4 Sept 1704

Case Christopher Sutton, Guardian of Rebecca Beaumon, Plt. and John Hadley & Sarah his wife Administratrix of William Beaumont deced upon motion of Defendts by Capt. Wm Jones, their Atty an Imparlance is granted them until next Court saveing all advantages


2 Oct 1704

Christopher Sutton, guardian of Charity Beaumont


5 Mary 1704/5

Christopher Sutton on Jury


7 August 1710

Townsend’s Estate to be appraised. Ordered Robert Johnston, Thomas Jones, Richard Hill, John Miller & William Barbee or any four of them some time between this and the next Court appraise the Estate of Thomas Townsend deced. being first sworn before a Justice of the Peace for this County and report their proceedings to next Court when Roger Jones & John Sutton are hereby ordered to appear and make oath to ye Inventory.


7 August 1720

Porter’s Estate to be appraised. Order includes Christopher Sutton as appraiser


6 Dec 1715

Christopher Sutton present at indenture