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Poe and Bradford Families


Essex / Caroline / Culpeper Counties in Virginia

Granville/Orange/Chatham County, North Carolina


[No idea whether or not this is the same family as that of William Bradford, governor of the Plymouth Colony, but the Nottinghamshire connection and settlement patterns show some possibility. The link may date to a generation prior to that of Plymouth William though]


This Source shows that the Bradford Family had connections to Nottinghamshire. There is some evidence that the Poe family of Essex County, VA came out of Nottinghamshire. There also was a Poe family presence in Yorkshire.



Robert Bradford*; b. c1487, Bentley, Nottinghamshire, England; d. 1552, Wellingley, Parish of Tickhill, Yorkshire, England.

  • m1. Anne ___?*
  • Robert and his first wife had 1 child, a son:
  • m2. Elizabeth ___?
  • Robert and Elizabeth had 8 children:
    • Robert Bradford; d. 1578
    • Richard Bradford; d. by 1557/8
    • John Bradford; d. by 1557/8
    • Peter Bradford; bur. at Tickhill, July 4, 1557.
    • Thomas Bradford; d. 1605. Thomas helped raise Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth.
    • Hugh Bradford; d. by 1557/8
    • Katheryn Bradford; d. by 1557/8
      • m. John Ogden and had 5 children, surnamed Ogden: Lancelot, William, Robert, Ursula, and Richard.
    • Alice Bradford; married in her father's lifetime and had a daughter, Anne ___?, and 2 o3 three more children.





Caroline County, Virginia order book / abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman


Dorman, John Frederick


Washington : The Compiler, s.d.-


v. ; 28 cm.




Library holdings: 1732-1770.


Caroline Co., Virginia - Court records



Stephen Poe

Rachel Bradford

John Sutton


p. 240 [9 Dec. 1756]

It’s ordered Rachel Bradford and Stephen Poe be summoned to next court and to bring the last will of Richard Bradford

Present: John Sutton



Stephen Poe

Rachel Bradford

Richard Bradford*

13 January 1757

The last will and testament of Richard Bradford was presented in court by William Bowler and proved by Thos. Mason, Henry Farley, and William Ragsdale, witnesses thereto. Racheal Bradford, executrix in the will named, by a note from under her hand relinquished her right of executorship and Stephen Poe, executor, relinquished in open court. On William Bowler's motion, administration of the estate with the will annexed is granted him.

It's ordered William Bowler, administrator etc., pay Henry Farley . . . Thomas Mason  . . . William Ragsdale [each] 280 pounds of tobacco for one day's attendance and coming and going once eighty five miles to prove the will of Rchd. Bradford.


*Stephen & Hannah mentioned in Will of Richard Bradford see Record of Unrecorded Wills 1746-57 in Orange Co. NC October 28, 1756.  Cavaliers and pioneers abstracts of Virginia land patents and grants Volume Two: 1666-1695 abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent  Indexed by Claudia B. Grundman Publisher:  Richmond, VA : Virginia State Library , 1977. Patent Book No. 9 Richard Bradford. 200 acs., Chas. City Co., 28 Oct. 1702, p. 510. Escheated from John Robinson, dec’d., by inquisition under John Lightfoor, Esqr., Esch’r. of that part of Chas. City Co. that lyes on the N. side of James River, &c.


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Slaves in Caroline Co., VA, 1757

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Date: Sunday, 1 May 2005, at 5:57 p.m.

Transcription from Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletin,

Volume IV, No. 3 (July 1966), p.50: Caroline County: Richard

Bradford, will dated 28 Oct. 1756, proved 18 Jan. 1757. To son

Richard "one shilling only;" to son John, under 21, 2 slaves "I have in

Carolina which I bought of my brother Philip Bradford," beds, furniture, etc.

Bequests to wife Rachell, daughters Septirah Bradford, Elizabeth Bradford.

Residue of estate to wife for life, and she is executrix.        

"Seal'd Sign'd & Deliver'd in the Province of

Virginia." Wits: Thos. Wrenn[?], henry Farley, William (X) Ragsdale.

Rachel relinquished the executorship and administration was granted

to William Bowler. A Copy Teste: Benj. Rob____, Cl.C.

It's ordered William Bowler, administrator etc., pay Henry Farley . .

. Thomas Mason . . . William Ragsdale [each] 280 pounds of tobacco

for one day's attendance and coming and going once eighty five miles

to prove the will of Rchd. Bradford




Abstracts of the wills and estate records of Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1808 / by Zae Hargett Gwynn


Gwynn, Zae Hargett


Rocky Mount, NC : Joseph W. Watson, 1973


2 v. ; 24 cm.


v. 1 1746-1808 ; 2 1808-1833




Granville Co., North Carolina - Court records


Granville Co., North Carolina - Probate records


Unrecorded Wills, 1746-1771


Oct. 28, 1756 - proved Jan. 1757 on oath of William Bowler, Thomas Wrenn, William Ragsdale, Henry Farley. The executors named relinquished and the court appointed William Bowler, administrator. Richard Bradford wills to son Richard, 20 shillings; to son John, 2 negroes, all land in Carolina which I bought of my brother Phillip Bradford, 2 featherbeds and furniture and he to reamin in care of my wife Rachel Bradford until he is 21 years old; to daughter Lephirah Bradford, a negro slave; to daughter Eliza Bradford, a negro which I have already delivered to her; to my wife Rachel all else as long as she is my widow and at her death, to my surviving children: Sepherah Bradford, Eliza Bradford, Hannah Poe, Mary Case, .... Bird, Exrs: my wife Rachel and Stephen Case. Wits: Thos. Wrenn, Henry Farley, William Ragsdale.



The Bradfords of Charles City County, Virginia and some of their descendants, 1653-1993 ... / by David Thomas Bradford


Bradford, David Thomas


Baltimore, MD : Gateway, 1994


p. 87

As previously noted, Philemon's oldest brother, Richard Bradford III, apparently moved away from the Bradford family plantation shortly after his father's death. Richard III, moreover, was apparently married by October 1729, since the sale of his portion of the Bradford plantation indicates that, as a part of that sale, his wife "Rachel" released her dower rights thereto. I do not know Rachel's maiden name.


After selling his portion of the family's Charles City County land to Benjamin Harrison in 1729, Richard III and his wife Rachel moved to Caroline County, Virginia, where they lived in that country's Drysdale (later St. Asaph's) Parish. Notably, Caroline County was formed in 1727 from the western portion of King and Queen County where, as you may recall, Richard Bradford II owned some land as early as 1699 (and apparently still owned at his death since the administration of his estate mentions amounts paid to John Holcomb, the sheriff of King and Queen County). Perhaps it was to Richard II's King and Queen County land that Richard III moved in 1729.


After moving to Caroline County, Richard III spent most, if not all, of his life there (since court records from tht county mention him as early as 1732 and as late as 1755). Richard's will, dated October 28, 1756, was probated in North Carolina's Granville County Court in January 1757. That record would seem to suggest that, just before his death, Richard III moved to live near his brother Philemon who was already living in Granville County. At least one researcher, however, has suggested that Richard III died in Caroline County and that the will in Granville County is a duplicate of one filed and/or probated in Caroline County, Virginia (footnote 181: Sandland II at 16-17, citing Campbell, Colonial Carolin at 329, 333, 351, 393 and 471. Campbell's book reports the contents of Caroline County's order books, the only records from that county to have survived that county's 1836 courthouse fire. The original order books are on file at the Virginia State Archives in Richmond. Sandlund's reason for thinking that Richard III died in Caroline County is because Richard III's estate was administered by William Boulware, who Sandlund discovered was the undersheriff of Caroline County-


MY NOTE, if this guy had looked at Caroline Co records at all he would easily have found the 9 Dec. 1756 record above that explicitly proves the will was probated in Caroline County).  Wherever he died (MY note: there isn't a question about this - it was in Caroline County, VA), Richard III's will names the following children: Richard (IV), John, Lephirah, Eliza, Sepharah, Hanna (who had married a Poe (MY NOTE: it surprises me this fellow did not easily find out that she married Captain Stephen Poe, son of Simon Poe, SR), Mary (who had married a Case), and an unnamed daughter who had married a Bird.  One particularly interesting fact in Richard's will is that he left to his son Richard "all land in Carolina which I bought of my brother" Philemon.


resume Hargett

August 25, 1769 - proved 1770, Jan. court on oath of Joseph Parker and James Heflin and Mary Bradford qualified as executrix, Thomas Bradford as executor, Philemon Bradford wills to have executors pay all debts and funeral expenses; to daughter Elizabeth Hudspeth, 5 pds. money; to son Thomas, 5 pds.; to son Philemon, 5 pds.; to daughter Mary Whilte, 5 pds.; to son Richard, 5 pds.; to wife mary, the plantation where I live, a negro named Gilbert, a negro woman named Hannah, negroes named Judy, Milley, Ned, Dilcey, Bob, all stock, household goods, as long as she is my widow or for life; to son John, the land bought of my son Thos. Bradford on each side of Fort Creek containing 500 acres; at his mother's death, the negroes Gilbert, Hannah, and Dilce, all stock at William Parnals, 3 cows and calves, 6 sows and pigs, two beds and furniture, and if John Bradford die under age or without issue, then to go to my other children; to son David, the 400 acres where I live at the death of his mother, on Poplar Branch and 30 acres more which is land I bought of my son Thomas Bradford; also to son David 4 negroes, 6 cows and calves, two beds and furtniture and, if he died under age or without issue, the property equally divided to all my children then liveing. Exrs: wife Mary Bradford, son Thos. Bradford, son Philemon Bradford. Wts: Tamer Heflin , Christopher Darnal, Mary Parker, Joseph Parker


Culpeper County, Virginia



Wulfeck, Dorothy Ford. Culpeper County, Virginia.  Will Books B and C, Court Suits, Loose Papers, Inscriptions.

Self Published. Naugatuck, Conn.


Jonathan Poe

Samuel Poe

(Browning, Bradford)

5 November 1771

Account of Sale of Estate of Courtney Norman*, dec'd. to 5 Nov., 1771. Purchasers: Reuben Norman, Ezekiel Norman, Cornelius Mitchell, John Norman, Caleb Browning, John Corbin, Richard Murffie, Samuel Poe, William Murffie, Jonathan Poe, William Norman, Miles Murffie, Alexander Baxter, William Reding, Jessey Thompson, Thurmon Crim, William Daniel, Jacob Weekley, Thomas Conn, William Corbin, John Weekley, Jeramiah Corbin, James Attwood, James Browning, William Grimsley, William Day, Miles Murphey, Amry Day, John Norman, Isaac Reding, William Atwood, John Bradford**, Joseph Boggess, Courtney Norman, John Norman, Mary Norman.


*Jonathan Poe and Samuel Poe (see above). Mary Browning (c.1720 - after 1779) married January 21, 1737/8 in Orange County to Courtney C. Norman (c.1720 - c1770) in Culpeper County. His will was probated March 13, 1770 in Culpeper County, mentioning his wife and children. He was a son of Isaac Norman and Frances Courtney, and a brother of Frances Norman who marred his wife's brother, Francis Browning. Mary Browning was the daughter of Francis Browning, Jr. 1696-1775 (who administered the estate of Samuel Poe).