Marlene Poe research


from Ky IGI 8-5-92 at Branson, Mo.


Gabriel SHELTON m. Lettita POE  29 Aug 1847 Todd Co. Ky

(s/o Lewis Wyatt & Martha Virginia Willis POE)


Harrison Logan POE   m. Mary SHELTON 1851 Todd Co. Ky


            Marion Washington POE     b.1852 Logan, Baugh Station, Ky

            Gabriel H. POE                     b.15 Jun 1860  Todd Co. Ky

            Amanda (Lillian) Bell POE   b.1864  Todd Co. Ky

            Georgia Ann POE                 b. 08 Mar 1868 Logan, Kedron, Ky

                        (Todd Co.Ky. is west of Logan Co. on the Tenn. Line)


William Brittain POE   m. Elizabeth CUMMINGS


            Eliza J. POE                          b.02 Mar 1855 Pendleton Co. Ky

            William B. POE                     b.22 Nov 1856 Pendleton Co. Ky

            Stephen T. POE                    b.12 Aug 1858 Pendleton Co. Ky

            George Andrew POE           b.18 Jan 1862  Pendleton Co. Ky

            Emma Allen POE                  b.12 Aug 1863 Pendleton Co. Ky

            Evander Lois POE                b.21 Jan 1866  Pendleton Co. Ky

            John W. POE             b.21 Jan 1868  Pendleton Co. Ky

            Almeda Agnes POE             b.01 Apr 1871  Pendleton Co. Ky

                        (Pendleton Co .Ky is south of Cincinnati, Ohio area)


taken from film at LDS on POE family

            (files contained more on Gephart line)

Joseph POE  & Rebecca ? POE

            Thomas POE b. 13 Mar 1811  Brown Co. Oh

                                                d. 08 Apr 1889  Effingham Co. Ill

                                                m. 1833

            Sophia Tronk             b. 1818

                                                d. 23 Jul 1872

                        Benjamin Franklin POE        b. 31 Jan 1843

                                                                        d. 15 Mar 1908


                        Delaney Jane Redden

                                    Cora Etta POE          b. 12 Oct 1863 Bracken Co. Ky

d.      24 Jan 1938 Effingham Co. Ill

m. 10 Nov 1885 prob. Effingham Co.Ill

                                    Thomas Benton Gephart

                                                                        b. 01 Aug 1864  Butler Co. Oh

                                                                        d. 27 Oct 1948  Effingham Co.Ill





Cora Etta POE          m. Thomas Benton Gephart




From AIS files:

Brittain POE  in Mason Co. Ky        1830 Western Dist    230

B. POE           in Allen Co. Ky           1850 no twp listed     134 - 171

Britton POE   in Mason Co. Ky        1850 Dist. 3               146


Gabriel Pl POE         in Grant Co. In 1850 Sims Twp.      208

Jesse POE                in Miami Co.In 1850 Erie Twp         102


Marriage Bonds of Mason Co. Ky

POE,   Edward  W.    age 21            m.05 Mar 1853          Margaret Cracraft age 22

POE,   Enas                                       m.08 May 1848         Rebecca Jefferson

                                                                                                Jesse Jefferson bondsman

POE, Ezekiel                                     m.18 Mar 1852          Susan N. Heck

                                                                                                John Heck bondsman

POE, Patrick                                     m.20 Oct 1841          Hannah Swain

                                                                                                Robert Taylor bondsman

POE, Richard                                    m.14 May 1845         Nancy Mastin

                                                                                                Lindsay Hill bondsman

POE, Thomas Jr                               m.23 Oct 1835          Martha D. McNeil


POE, William                                     m.01 Mar 1849          Elizabeth Ann Morgan

                                                                                                John E. Campbell bondsman

POE, William A.                                m.08 Aug 1860         Susan Collins

                                                                                                married at Bennett Collins


from Ky Family Records V.4 p.47 (copy of page in file - from Jimmy)

SHELTON's of Todd and Muhlenberg (c0nt)


            This cemetery is located near Clifty in Todd Co. Ky. Turn off highway 107 at lane across from Holiness Church to the farm.  It was owned in 1964 by Clara Rager, Youngest dau of Wm.W.Shelton, who was the 8th child of Gabriel Shelton.

            The original house burned a number of years ago.  The cemetery is well behind the house through a pasture.  In the central part stand very old cedar trees which, according to members of older generations, mark the graves of Abraham Monticue Shelton and his first wife, Jane Latham Shelton.  Two graves, boxed in by field stones, can still be seen there. Jane Latham Shelton was born about 1803 and died Sept. 29, 1852 (from Perrin's History of Todd Co. & Ky. Vital Statistics Death Record)  A.M. Shelton bought land on Clifty Creek in 1829 (this place), added to it in 1842 and owned it when Jane died in 1852.  She was probably one of the first persons buried here - the first marked graves have 1858 death dates.  A.M. Shelton and his 2nd wife, Sarah (dau of Asher Shelton) sold the farm to Gabriel in 1960 (Todd Deeds) and moved to Kedron in Logan Co.

            This cemetery was visited 24 Aug. 1964 and again 5 Jun 1964 by Mrs. Henry C. Alford, Jr.( g-g-grdau of A.M. Shelton) and her mother, Mrs. Royce E. Simons (nee Daisy Shelton).  Every remaining marker was copied for some noted in 1954 were missing in 1964.  They are here arranged in family groups with ID from Bible records, Court, Census, etc. (Id by MSA)

Squire Latham           18 May 1805-11 Sep 1859 - bro to Jane L. Shelton

Mary C. Latham         07 Oct 1807-Feb 1807        - sis to A.M. Shelton


G. Shelton                  18 Apr 1825-05 Jun 1914    -son of A.M.& Jane

Luticia Shelton           23 Jan 1828 -28 Feb 1904  -Gabriel's wf, Poe


Martha McGehee      13 Feb 1857-18 Dec 1904  -5th child of Gabriel

John H. McGehee     06 Sep 1850-13 Aug 1937  -


Seth McGehee          child, flat stone with shells, no dates


Eliza O.                       07 Nov 1855-10 Dec 1888  -wife of J.H. McGehee


W.W.Shelton              25 Jun 1862-04 Jan 1938    -8th child of Gabriel

Lula Shelton               30 Mar 1870-no date            -Wm.W.'s wf Petrie


Virginia                       14 Oct 1864-07 Dec 1865   -9th & youngest child of G.& L. Shelton                                                                              only one who died as an infant.


Mary POE                  14 Mar 1830-03 Feb 1889  -3rd child of A.M.Shelton

Harrison L.POE         27 Apr 1830-26 Oct 1903    -bro to Luticia, Gabriel's wife


Martha S. POE          16 Jan 1856-30 Jun 1858    -infant of H.L. & M. POE

Sarah E. POE           31 Dec 1857-07 May 1862 -infant of H.L. & M. POE

Gabriel H. POE         15 Jun 1860-05 Jan 1865    -infant of H.L. & M. POE

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from KY. COURT & OTHER RECORDS  VOL. 2  by Ardery

p.31  Edward POE - Book B. p.22 (will) Bracken Co. Ky

            to oldest dau.: Abigail Day, Wife of John Day;

            oldest son: Joseph;

            son: John

            son: Patrick

            dau: Martha Hurst, wife of John Hurst

            wife: Catherine

            son: Samuel

            written 30 Jul 1806.  Probated: May 1816

            Witnesses: Isaac Day,  George Lee,  & Matthew Patteson


p.39  Will Book A.  Franklin Co. Ky

Couchman, Jonathan  to Virgil POE: a friend,  Capt. Wm. Fenwick: wife, Dicey and my        infant son.  Exe. Wm. Fenwick, Wm Manning

            written 15 Nov 1798    Probated: Dec 1798

            Witnesses: Jno M. Scott, Jas Benham & David Carson


p.76  Mason Co. Ky Estates

POE, Thos                 1832

POE, William             1834

POE, Jesse               1834


p.82 Nicholas Co. Ky Index to Will Book A. 1800-1816

POE, Benjamin


Vol 2 p.98  Woodford Co. Ky  Will Book A

James McBride  "of Antrim Twp., Cumberland Co. Pa"

            sister: Mary's 2 sons - James & Henry McBride - land in Antrim Twp

            sister: Jean's children - pre-emption right in Ky

            sister: Hannah's children - all other claims in Ky.

            Extr: Jas POE of Cumberland Co. Pa

            Written: 3 Apr 1783   probated: Nov 1790

            Wittnesses: Joseph McClean & John Maxwell


Item found in “Ky Ancestors Quarterly of the Ky Historical Society.”

            Spring 1986 Vol. 21 #4

p.200    Obits contained within the Annual Minutes of the Booneville Assoc. of            Baptist Churches, 1883-1904 for the Ky. Co. of Owsley, Clay, Jackson & Lee.

1896      POE, Zebedee, was born in NC on 17 March 1817 and died 17 Oct.         1894….a lay member of some Baptist church until 1871, when a           committee of the New Bethel Church, then in Clay Co., sent him before a    Presbytery for ordination, consisting of James Gunn and Alfred Findley ….       Gave him full power of a Baptist Minister.  When he died he was a       member of Ells Church and leaves a wife and children to mourn his    passing



Spring 1989 Vol. 24 #4

p. 271  Roster of “First Ky. Ancestors”

Thomas POE  born 13 Mar 1811 Brown Co. Ohio: son of Joseph POE and    Rebecca ROE (moved to Bracken Co., Ky., in 1820). Thomas died 23 July             1872, Effingham Co., Ill. (where he moved in 1865); buried in POE-          Rinehart Cemetery, Effington Co. Ill. 

Married 28 Aug 1833 to Sophia Fronk born 1818. Died 23 July 1872;             buried in Poe-Rinehart Cemetery Effington Co. Ill.

They were parents of Sarah Jane POE, born 30 Oct. 1840, Bracken Co.         Ky. Died. 15 Dec 1876; buried with husband in Poe-Rinehart Cemetery,   Effington Co. Ill.  Married 9 Feb 1859, Bracken Co. Ky to John C. Baston          born 12 Apr. 1819, Brown Co. Ohio.  Died 15 Dec 1876.

(was submitted by: Robert W. Gibson, RR1 box 136 White Heath, Ill 71884



Early Ky. Tax Records

1797   Badger, Oliver in Montgomery Co. Ky.


Ky. Marriages

Christian Co. Ky.

1807 Jan 4     Poe,    Terry – bond for Henry Isbell & Amelia Hawkins

1813 Dec  22 Poe,   Simon  mar. Patsey Cantrel - Terry Poe bondsman        


Floyd Co. Ky.

1832 Dec 1    Poe, Edmond married Agnes Marshall

1841 Apr 7     Poe, James mar. Tabitha Thacker

no date           Poe, Jno mar. Polly Wadkins (or Stanly)


Franklin Co. Ky.

1802 June 7   Poe, Wm mar. Charity Rogers-bondsman Edmon Pannell

1802 July 24 Poe, Polly mar. Robert Sacra –bondsman Edmon Pannell

1805 Apr 3     Poe, Edmon bondsman for John Dodd & Lucy Smithers

                                    (Perm. By parents-Wm & Mary Smithers)

1807 Apr 9     Poe, Virgil mar. Kesiah Taylor-bondsman Robert Sacrey

1810 Sep 26             Poe, Jesse mar. Milly Demsey


Shelby Co. Ky

1822 June 22 Poe, Maria mar. Dr. J.D. Thomas