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More William Arthur Poe Images


And More….  Images from my Family Tree


John Poe and Sarah Threet

Along with the family of John’s brother, Simon Poe, a large group of settlers came by wagon from Fayette County, Alabama to Saline (now Grant) County, Arkansas about 1852 establishing the community of Belfast – chosen because of a natural spring at the site. Warren Holiman, ancestor of Sarah Elizabeth Holiman, my great-grandmother, wife of John Poe’s grandson, William Elkin Poe, led the expedition. The community was relocated in the late 1800s. Nothing remains at the original site but a marker – now inaccessible on land owned by a hunting club. The markers lists names. Many of the families came together in a group led by Warren Holiman in 1850. John and Sarah along with several of their children and other relatives are buried in Poe Cemetery, Grant County, Arkansas.


Poe Cemetery Plaque


John Poe and Sarah Threet

Images of Descendants (numbers do not indicate order of birth)


1. John W. Poe and Louisa Nall

> James Martin Poe and Sarah Jane Swafford > Andrew Bascom Poe (as a young man)

                                                                                     > Andrew Bascom Poe, SR and Lillian Watson 

                                                                                     > 1936 Benton Courier Article by A. B. Poe, SR

                                                                         > Poe Shoe Store on Main Street, LR, AR 1918

                                                                         > Poe Shoe Store on Main Street, LR, AR 1920

                                                                                      > Andrew Bascom Poe, JR     The Family Car Dealership         

 > Alton Bascom Poe III

           >James Martin Poe Family on 25 December 1902 at the Little Rock home of Tom Mehaffy, son-in-law and father of Judge Pat Mehaffy


> William Bradley Poe and second wife, Sophronia Worthen > Walter Poe


2. Miriam Paralee Poe married Samuel Roland Cobb (Photo probably from a Civil War veterans reunion in 1911)


3. Thomas Poe and marriage to Mariam Rosty Reynolds

> Oliver Perry Poe and Melissa Jane Owen > Eua Poe and Ross Poe


4. Mary Jane Poe and Joab Watson (No images from this family yet, they settled in Lonoke County, Arkansas. Son John O. Watson (1850 – 1923) married Fannie Cobb)


5. William Threet Poe and Mariam Rosty Reynolds (2nd wife, his brother Thomas’ widow)


> Joseph Manly Poe and Lavenia Mary Pot > Wendell Byron Poe and Carthal O. Poe Joseph Allen Poe

          Joseph Manly Poe and nieces, Dora Poe and Minnie Poe

            > Harris Fagan Poe and Jennie Scruggs > Hazel Poe

          > Joe Allen Poe Scrapbook

                     > http://poegen.net/AR/Images/JoePoeBaby.jpg

                     > http://poegen.net/AR/Images/PoeNewsScansJoePoeTopHalf.jpg

                     > http://poegen.net/AR/Images/PoeNewsScansJoePoeBottomHalf.jpg

                     > http://poegen.net/AR/Images/PoeNews1935_37.jpg

> http://poegen.net/AR/Images/ByConductorJMPoe.jpg


     William Threet Poe and Mary Melton (3rd wife)

          > Della May Poe and Arthur Stanton Wright > Della May Poe’s Children


Descendants of William Threet Poe and Sarah Reynolds (1st wife)


William Elkin Poe and wife, Sarah Elizabeth Holiman

                                           Sarah Elizabeth Holiman

son of William Threet Poe and Sarah Reynolds - of Joshua Holiman (1829-1892) and Lucretia Ann Hogue (1835-1908)

Golden Anniversary Article

Hunting License (issued one month prior to his death while hunting)




Sarah E. Holiman and daughters (Beulah Myrtle Poe Kramp, Allie Ruth Poe Cobb and Sarah Alma Poe Walton)


Descendants of William Elkin Poe and Sarah Elizabeth Holiman

Not in order of birth


See Roselawn Cemetery Markers and Oakland Cemetery Markers



Allie Ruth Poe Cobb, Ernestine Walton, Beulah Myrtle Poe Kramp


Alma Poe Walton with sisters and daughters


1. Minnie Poe

Minnie died at age 19. Her sister, Dora Poe, died around the same time at around the same age. Minnie was a milliner.


2. Dora Poe


3. Allie Ruth Poe and husband, John Thomas Cobb


4. Mellie Elizabeth Poe married Harry Broening, SR.

          Harry Broening, JR married Joan Bearden.

Image of Harry and Joan, son Daniel and William Arthur Poe


5. Walter Edgar Poe

    1934 Letter to Alma Poe referring to the letter below by Walter Poe JR

          Children by Frances Willard

Walter and daughter, Frances 

Frances Poe as young woman

Frances Poe married George Washington

Washington Family with Allie Ruth Poe Cobb

                     George Washington, Jr letter to Allie Ruth Poe Cobb

                               Daughter Kathy Washington


Children by Mildred Elizabeth Allen (one other child from a previous marriage)

1930 Census Seal Beach, Orange County, California

Walter Edgar Poe, Jr

          Birth Certificate


6. Beulah Poe (baby photo)  Beulah Poe (age 21) Beulah Poe (undated)

     Daughter of William Elkin Poe and Sarah Elizabeth Holiman

Married William C. Kramp, Sr > William C. Kramp, Jr married Hellen Frachiseur

       Children: Elizabeth Carolyn Kramp notice of marriage notice to Thomas Jefferson Gentry, Jr.

                       Elizabeth Carolyn Kramp


7. Sarah Alma Poe Family Images Page


8. William Omar “Sonny” Poe Studio portrait


    William Omar “Sonny”  Poe Newspaper Article



9. Samuel Arthur Poe and Margaret Emily Davis Family


Samuel Arthur Poe, Jr.  (changed name to Samuel Reyburn Poe)


Margaret Ruth Poe (Gordy)


William Eugene Poe  



Others on the Family Tree


Descendants of Hasting B. Poe

Simon Poe, SR > possibly Stephen Poe d.1773 > unknown links > Hasting B. Poe


Family of Mary Elizabeth Craiglow wife of John S. Poe

Simon Poe, SR > possibly James Poe d.1823 > unknown links > John S. Poe


Aily Poe Yost and father David Poe

Simon Poe, SR > Simon Poe, JR  d.1773 > David Poe > Joseph Poe > David Poe > Aily Poe


Family of William Erastus Poe

Simon Poe, SR > Simon Poe, JR  >* William Poe (d. 1830) and Sarah > James Bradford Poe and Nancy Clark (married on 31 October 1833, Guildford County, North Carolina) > William Erastus Poe   (b. 1850) married Matilda Kennedy


            Emily Poe and husband Thomas Jessup (Jessop) – Emily descends from a brother of James Bradford Poe