Edward and Mary Poe baptized their son, Samuel Poe, in Nottingham, England in 1659. This could be the Samuel Poe who died in Essex (Caroline) County, Virginia in 1725. It is likely that Simon Poe, Sr (1707/8 – 1793 Chatham County, North Carolina) was Samuel’s son. Simon Poe's son was Revolutionary War Patriot, James Poe (1740 Caroline County, VA – 1827 Fayette County, Alabama) whose wife was likely Mary (c1755 – c1800), John Poe and Sarah Threet moved to Saline (Grant) County, Arkansas from Fayette County, Alabama in 1851 along with other relatives. The Arkansas family continues:


John Poe (1785-1859) and Sarah Threet (1794 - 1861)


William Threet Poe (1817-1884), wife Sarah Reynolds (1819-1861)


William Elkin Poe 1852-1929) and Sarah Elizabeth Holiman (1855-1932) daughter of Joshua Holiman (1829-1892) and Lucretia Ann Hogue (1835-1908)

http://poegen.net/AR/Images/SAPoe.jpg  http://poegen.net/AR/Images/AlmaPoe.jpg  http://poegen.net/AR/Images/MelliePoeBroening.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/BeulahPoe.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/AllieRuthJohnTCobb.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/WalterPoe.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/MinniePoe.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/DoraPoe.jpghttp://poegen.net/AR/Images/WilliamOmarPoeCrop.jpg http://poegen.net/AR/Images/JosephManlyPoeSml.jpg
Samuel Arthur, Sarah Alma (Walton), Mellie Ruth (Broening), Beulah Myrtle (Kramp), Allie Ruth (Cobb), Walter (married Willard), Minnie, Dora, William Omar “Sonny” (married Calhoun) and Joseph Manley (he married Pot - William Elkin became his guardian at age 11 when W. T. Poe died in 1884 His mother was Mariam Rosty Reynolds. Joe's brother Harris Fagan was an adult when WT died.)


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