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Nottinghamshire Sheriffs


The Poe family continued in the Nottingham area after many Poe families had gone to Ireland (probably producing Edgar Allan Poe, who was of Irish descent). Others, presumably, went to the Colonies. The Samuel Poe who was baptized in 1659 has not appeared in later British records from the era. There is no way yet to connect this baptism with Samuel Poe with the Essex County. However, probably we can rule out the Samuel Poe baptized in 1699 as the Samuel Poe who later appeared in Caroline County, VA and likely was the son of Samuel Poe of Essex County.

Among the Poe Baptisms at Nottingham, appear

Samuel  26 June 1659         Edward / Mary
John       20 August 1691
Samuel 18 April 1699

See the information at the link below, which lists the Sheriffs of Nottingham. The John Poe and Samuel Poe listed fit the John Poe and Samuel Poe baptized on the dates shown.


1719/20 Samuel Poe

1724/25 John Poe

Also, from an email received from a fellow researcher:

The Honorary Alderman and historian Frank Dennet of Nottingham responded with information about John and Samuel Poe, who held office as Sheriffs of Nottingham in the 1720s. Here is his reply: ---- Greetings, Mr. Jensen. Records of the Borough of Nottingham confirm that John and Samuel Poe held office as Sheriff of Nottingham as you indicated John 1719 - 1720 and Samuel 1724-1725; From 1713 - 1714 John was a Furrier and, in 1746 - 1747 he was a Framework Knitter; Samuel was a Framework Knitter during the period 1748 - 49. Samuel was elected "Common Councilman" on 19th. January 1727 - it was necessary, at this time, for a person to be Sheriff before "Councilman" Samuel continued as Councilman until March 1736 when he left to go to London, at which time he was discharged as Councilman. During the year 1740 - 41 John held the prestigious office of "Sergeant at Mace" - Guardian of the Mayor’s symbol of authority


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